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This is the heart of our business. We have translated hundreds of projects and we can help you with everything from small websites to comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals - no matter the job size, we always deliver a professional translation, proofread and on time!

We translate from English, Swedish and Norwegian into Danish.


Besides translation and proofreading we also perform linguistic testing. When you have translated your apps, software or social media promotions, you want to be sure they fit on a mobile screen, on buttons in your software or whenever space is limited. You also want to be sure that the functionality in your app or software works as it was meant to do.


If you go global or even if you aim for less, you have to be sure that all languages are on target, on time. Let us manage your languages and ensure that your expensive launch event is not delayed by one or two languages not being ready at the promised deadline.


To ensure customer satisfaction, your localized manuals have to be consistent in terminology, in product names and in using the same industry term throughout the text. We can help you make guidelines for what not to translate, which specific terms and phrases to use and which terms are used in your specific industry.

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