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Among our most recent projects you will find a mix of different technologies and audiences - from automotive projects for professionals to home appliance projects for consumers.

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Bobcat Operation Manuals

For more than 50 years, Bobcat has built compact equipment that helps people work more efficiently and effectively. WebWorks is proud to on-board this new end-client ensuring proper translation of operation and maintenance manuals.

Project date: 2018-

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Finnair Press Releases

WebWorks has for almost a decade localized press releases for the Finnish airline Finnair. This includes statistics, new destinations, etc.

Project date: 2012-2019

Hitachi Rail STS Manuals

In 2020 Copenhagen Cityringen expanded the metro coverage with new lines and stock material (driverless trains). WebWorks was pleased to be appointed as translator of operations manuals, maintenance manuals and training documentation for the control rooms.

Project Date: 2020-2021

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Manuals for Letbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

Towards the opening of the first stage of the Aarhus Light Rail System, WebWorks was asked to perform a number of translations of Maintenance Manuals for the hardware supplier, Ansaldo STS. This job combined genereal technical knowledge and specific linguistic knowledge of railway technology.

Project date: 2017-2019

Optimum Sorting Manuals

Optimum Sorting machines use laser and Artificial Intelligence to detect as many foreign materials and defects as possible without unnecessarily removing good products, much faster than the human eye. WebWorks has assisted in translating operations manuals.

Project date: 2021-

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Quartix UI Strings

The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 350,000 vehicles. Quartix now have more than 10,000 fleet customers across the US and Europe. WebWorks has localized UI strings for the web-based management software.

Project date: 2018-2019

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Sonos User Manuals

With the launch of Sonos Play:5 and other products in the Nordic countries, Sonos, the world leading provider of wireless home sound systems, wanted to provide localised user manuals. WebWorks was hired to translate a number of manuals and web texts into Danish.

Project date: 2014-2016

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Toyota Technical Service Bulletins

WebWorks has for almost a decade been trusted with translating Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for Toyota. TSBs are essential for technician when repairing or upgrading vehicles. 

Project date: 2009-2019

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