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European standard for translation service.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has released a European standard covering translation service quality (EN 15038), probably unknown to most people or companies.

The purpose of the standard is to ensure a consistent quality of translation services and defines not only the translation but also the accompanying processes required to deliver a professional service, e.g. quality assurance. In a way the standard is compatible with the number of existing ISO standards, but the scope is 100% dedicated to translation service.

The standard defines a number of requirements to be fulfilled by the translators and requirements for the technical resources. It also defines a number of requirements for the relationship between translator and customer, quality management of the service (not the translation itself) and describes a number of procedures and processes required to deliver a high quality translation service.

Without going into details with the requirements, it can be mentioned, that according to the standard the translator needs either a higher formal education or documentation of five years of translation experience. You can have a closer look at EN 15038 here.

The standard does not define requirements for the translation itself but for the translator, the quality management and the infrastructure (human and technical resources).

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